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Join the thousands of importers & exporters already shipping internationally with Reiko.


Manufactures register

Manufactures packaging items by following packing instructions.

Add items information into system, and forecast warehousing.

Customer service center notifies warehouse.

Items ship to Huizhou warehouse.

Items ship to headquarters in U.S.

Reiko products pre-sale.

Checkout & accept for warehouse entry (China).

Manufactures fill in the shipping information.

Check & accept for warehouse entry. (U.S.)

If unqualified, return to manufactures additional fee if items unqualified. Additional fee by manufactures.

Reiko warehouse reviews orders, then ships to customers.

Sell on Reiko sales platform.

Manufactures provide instructions to Reiko warehouse like return or secondary sales.

Resellers recieve orders.

Return if customers want.

Customer service center notifies customers.

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Features Reiko Oversea Storage Mode Reiko M2R Mode Amazon* AliExpress*
No subscription fee x
Global manufacture oriented x x
Official oversea storage x
Oversea storage first 6 months free x x
Official customer service, handle returned goods x x
Resell or return back to manufacture x x
Free handling and return processing fee x x x
Free shipping in United States x x x
No Sales Commission x x x

*Amazon professional selling plan charges $39.99 amonth + other selling fees to sell more than 40 items.
*AliExpress has third party oversea storage which allows no more than 5 days before shipping out.

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